Discussion Topics

Life Insurance (Term and Permanent) and Living Benefits (Disability, Critical Illness Insurance)

As a single person you may have no financial dependents. However, when you have a family, two or more people will depend on your income for their financial security. Without your income, due to an unexpected death or disability, your loved ones may have to sell assets for their financial survival. The information session discusses the options available to you for all your insurance planning. Topics include term insurance, permanent life insurance, mortgage insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and children’s insurance. Also, if applicable, commercial owned business Insurance.

* During the class, only general information is provided.

Retirement Savings Plan (RSP)

Managing your risk profile become more important when you have more dependents. Re-assessing your RSP options with a growing family is a crucial component of your financial future.
* During the class, only general information is provided.

Do you want to learn more about Term and Permanent Insurance, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance, and RSP’s?

Gordon Branden is a licensed Financial Security Advisor, specializing in various Life Insurance options such as Term or Permanent Insurance, Disability and Critical Illness, Insurance, and Retirement Planning (RSPs).
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Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Learn the facts about RESP’s and how to apply for the FREE Government grants, (up to $9,200) per child. The content covers common questions such as: What is a RESP? Can my child attend University/College outside of Canada? What if my child does not go to post-secondary school? What types of educational programs can my child take? What are the tax implications?

*During the class, only general information is provided.

Do you want to know more about RESPs?
Please contact Gordon Branden directly at 403-667-2341. He is a Licensed Education Savings Specialist and offers a FREE RESP consultation to explain all details for registered educational savings plans.

Maternity Leave and Parental Leave

Being able to take time off from work and stay home with your new baby is an exciting time. During the seminar we discuss maternity and parental leave benefits, how much you can expect to receive, who is eligible and how to apply. This topic gives families an overview of the benefits that are available to you and/or your partner during your maternity or parental leave.

*General information is provided during this class.

How much does a baby cost?

Many new parents have stated that after the overwhelming experience of childbirth, the shock of the monthly cost of raising a baby becomes a reality. In the session, we provide you with essential information to help you create a financial plan to prepare for the new monthly costs of having a baby. The interactive class covers the various expenses associated with a new baby such as nursery items, travel and household necessities, clothing, diapers, formula, and childcare to name a few.

*General information is provided during this class.

Living on a reduced income

When you go on maternity and parental leave, your income will go down significantly during that time. Budgeting and planning become a key component to helping you get prepared. Review tips and learn strategies to be financially savvy and creative. When you are having a baby, the sooner you can set your budget and get prepared, the easier it will be for you once baby arrives.

*General information is provided during this class.

CCB (Canadian Child Benefits)

Now that you are having a baby, you may receive FREE Canadian child benefits to help you with the cost of raising children. This helps, especially when your income is reduced while on maternity leave. Learn about the various government monthly benefits available to qualifying families. During the seminar, we discuss the CCB, the amount you can estimate to receive, and how to apply. Review of other potential benefits such as the Child Disability Benefit, the Alberta Child and Family Benefit and the GST credit.

*General information is provided during this class.

Birth Certificates and SIN Number for baby.

There are many things to do once you have a baby. This class provides new parents with the information required to apply for baby’s birth certificate and SIN and offers discussion on why they need a SIN number.

*General information is provided during this class.

Wills, Power of Attorney (POA), and Personal Directive

Once you have children, a will is a high priority! The session covers the top 3 reasons for a will, the different types of wills, and the options of adding a Personal Directive and Power of Attorney (POA). These documents are of of high importance and are put in place to ensure that your estate is handled according to your wishes by your assigned executor, your children are taken care of by the chosen guardian, and your financial and health related concerns are addressed and properly managed in the event of a death, or if you are unable to make decisions yourself.

* General information is provided during the class. It is recommended you consult with a legal professional to assist you in preparing these documents.

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This video zoom seminar was fantastic and was really helpful, I couldn't believe it was free for all the value we received from it! I received a 1:1 session with Laurie and Gord overviewing a slideshow of all kinds of content from RESP's, wills, life insurance, baby basics budgeting, and it was very professional while also being personal and comprehensive. We were very thankful for this as first time parents and would highly recommend it for others beginning a family as well.
Thanks again!

- Jared T

Meet The Presenters

Gordon and Laurie Branden

For over 20 years, Gordon and Laurie have been offering this free class. They are committed to educating families with a gentle and non-threatening approach, all while embodying the very principles they practice in their own lives. Gordon is a licensed RESP Educational Savings Specialist, and a licensed Financial Security Advisor, specializing in RESPs, Life Insurance, RSPs, Disability and Critical Illness and represents a variety of leading companies and products. Additionally, Gordon provides a free one-on-one consultation and needs analysis to families interested in building a plan suited to their financial goals. To learn more, see contact information below.

Te: 403-667-2341

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