Maternity and Parental Benefits (Employment Insurance)

Being able to take time off from work and stay home with your new baby is a delightful thought. During this seminar we will discuss maternity and parental benefits, who is eligible and how to apply. This topic gives families an overview of the benefits that are available to you during your maternity or parental leave. We will also touch on the benefits for self employed or sole proprietors.

Birth Certificate and Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Having a baby makes your life much busier! There are many things to do. This class provides new parents with the information required to apply for a birth certificate and offers discussion on why babies need a SIN.

Canada Child Benefits

Learn all about the benefits you may be eligible to receive now that you have a little one. These benefits can help eligible families with the cost of raising children. During this seminar we will discuss the Canada Child Benefit, Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit, the Alberta Climate Leadership Adjustment rebate, the Child Disability Benefit, and the GST tax credit. Attendants will receive a package containing further information on these benefits and how to apply. Information provided on child care deductions and personal tax credits.

How Much Does a Baby Cost?

Many new parents have stated that after the overwhelming experience of childbirth, the shock of the monthly cost of raising a baby becomes reality. On average, some families spend as much as $500 per month! This figure can lead to stress, anxiety and budgeting concerns. At our class, we provide you with essential information to help reduce the stress of the new and unexpected monthly cost of having a baby. Our interactive class covers the various expenses associated with a new baby, such as the necessary small and large ticket items required and child care options to name a few. Tips on how to budget will be discussed.

Registered Educational Savings (RESP):

Learn the facts about RESPs and how to apply for the FREE Government grants which can total as much as $9200.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my money invested? What happens to the money if my child does not attend post- secondary education? Can my child attend University/College outside of Canada? How is the money disbursed when my child is ready for school? What kind of programs can my child take? Is there a potential to lose my money? In the session we will answer these questions and more.

Retirement Savings Plan (RSP’s)

Managing your risk profile becomes more important when you have more dependants. Re-assessing your RSP options with a growing family is an important component to your financial future. Ideas for retirement saving options will be discussed.

Life Insurance and Health Plans

As a single person you may have no financial dependants. However, when having a partner and/or a child you may have two, three or more people that depend on your income for their financial security. And, without your income due to an unexpected death or disability, your loved ones may have to sell assets for their financial survival. In this informative session we examine the different types of insurance needs and products that may apply to you and your family. The session provides information on life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness, children’s insurance, as well as health plans. To learn more about Life insurance, RSP’s or Heath Plans, click on BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to contact Gordon directly or to set up an appointment please call 403-667-2341.

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